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    Water supply and moisturizing the skin is like? There are many myths still "water" and "moisture" is one. This is the premise led to mistakes in the choice and use of skin care products.


    cấp nước và dưỡng ẩm cho da


    So let's Delys learn to better understand the two concepts and Moisturizing Water supply them!


    What is water and moisturizing for skin?


    Hydrating (English as Hydrating) is the addition of water to the skin by using care products containing large amounts of water, usually in liquid form, such as gels, lotions (like yogurt when to stay separated cool refrigerator) quick wicking, non-greasy stick after use, and all skin types need to be water supply, especially in the summer prone skin dehydration, the greater must be more thoroughly than water.

    Moisturizing (English as Moisturizing) is the addition of moisture to the skin using moisturizing products usually in the form of creams, containing a large amount of moisture, absorbed into the skin and can cause slower sticky after when used, especially for oily skin. Whose aim is to prevent the loss of water and create a "shield" on the skin surface moisture.


    Skin needs water and moisturize with expression like?


    - Expression of skin dehydration:

    +Big Pores

    + Dull (tanning), surface roughness

    + Skin oil secretion more than normal, this phenomenon occurs more often in the summer.


    cấp nước và dưỡng ẩm cho da


    - Expression of skin moisture is missing:


    + Very small pores

    + Dry skin stretch

    + Peeling skin parched by, usually occurs in the winter because we are just missing moisture in dry season only.


    Water and skin needs to moisturize skin?


    All skin types need the water supply throughout the 4 seasons of the year, especially oily and natural oil mixture. This sounds quite absurd, but precisely because of the skin to need more water shortages more oil to compensate and retain water lost. Therefore, if sufficient water, the skin will remove more oil, less discomfort than, especially for oily skin in summer.

    Usually there are two ways to reduce lubricant, first is the product used for water supply, the second is used to control the oil products. But using oil control products is only a temporary solution when makeup (to keep more durable makeup) rather sparingly, because the more alkaline, the more dehydrated oil, if the weather stop using leather oil & more dull, so you should choose the most optimal solution for water supply to the skin that is regularly every day offline.


    cấp nước và dưỡng ẩm cho da


    Moisturizing is an essential step for dry skin, oily skin, it also should be limited (limited and not completely removed). Dry skin should use moisturizers day and night, also seborrheic night is just enough. Even in the hot summer, you can oily skin moisturizer from 1 day 1, or 1 mild moisturizer (whose primary function is the water supply) to the skin from squash and add fuel .


    There is a small point to note is not to use moisturizer cream before makeup primer because the moisturizer is often in the form of thick, hard skin permeation, easy lead to less smooth substrate and down tone very quickly. Tips before makeup we should use water as emulsion layers Nursing / lotion or gel better. Or can use creams, but creams are authoring the mild, slightly loose (the main ingredient is water) and not super moisturizing cream head start!


    In short, water is added to the water in the skin, moisturizing is also keeping moisture manipulation stay, do not evaporate away. We need to fully incorporate both Hydrating and Moisturizing to the skin is kept in a state full of moisture.


    Délys also like to introduce to you the products Luxe Nuit Cream night ultra moisturizing skin effectively. With components of white lily flower essences combined with the necessary nutrients and vitamins to help you stay bright white skin smooth, radiant youth.


    cấp nước và dưỡng ẩm cho da


    Wish you always have a tight skin smooth and youthful offline!